About Us

Meet Cleo Quy, the visionary behind Cleo Quy, a fashion brand created with a purpose. Quy, a petite woman herself, knows all too well the struggles of dealing with teasing and feeling insecure about her body and size during her younger years. But instead of letting these challenges define her, she used them as fuel to create something meaningful.

As luck would have it, Quy found her passion when she began working for clothing manufacturing companies and learned the art of sewing clothes. This newfound skill allowed her to alter her own clothes to fit perfectly and make her feel beautiful. As a result, her confidence soared, and she embraced a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Quy understands the difficulties of finding clothes that truly resonate with shorter women and those with unique body shapes. That's why she is dedicated to designing timeless pieces specifically tailored for petite, curvaceous, or plus-size women, taking into account their proportions and length.

Quy's ultimate mission is to empower petite women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. By offering perfectly fitting clothes, she saves her customers time and money on alterations, allowing them to redirect those resources to more important aspects of their lives.

Quy believes that learning to love and accept one's unique features is a transformative journey. She wants all women to remember that they are not defined by their size or the opinions of others. Instead, she encourages them to embrace their individuality and focus on the qualities that make them special and remarkable.

In the world of Cleo Quy, every woman, regardless of her body shape or size, deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and cherished. Quy's dedication to making this vision a reality is a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment to helping others embrace their true selves. So, step into Cleo Quy's world, where fashion meets empowerment, and let your confidence soar like never before.